Privacy Policy

I am not a website expert, nor am I a lawyer. So, this Privacy Policy is not legal advice and is accurate only to the best of my knowledge.

This page describes the types of information I collect and how I use it. If you have additional questions or require more information about this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to reach out via email.

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Information I Collect

Over 90% of websites on the internet use cookies. Cookies are used to store information about you and your interactions with on-site content. I use Google Analytics in this way to keep track of how many people view my website and which pages are the most popular.

Google Analytics collects Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from visitors. Google Analytics masks all IPs that are collected, stores the data under a random client identifier, and retains the data for 26 months. Google Analytics does not track your browsing history. The data related to your IP address simply gives me a sense of which country, state, or city you come from, and your on-site activities.

How I Use Your Information

I use the information collected to:

  • Understand and analyze how you use my website
  • Monitor the website’s exposure

I do not use the information collected to:

  • Identify you in any way
  • Target ads at you

If you have any other questions about cookies or how to disable them, see this website for more information.